The Story Behind Tsamao Crane Hire

Projects3Our Origins

Tsamao Crane Hire was established in 2013 in the bustling industrial area of Midrand, Gauteng. Our aim is to bridge the gap between materials and equipment lifting requirements of many companies in various industries. We service a variety of clients across multiple industries with projects of different sizes, no project is ever too big or too small for Tsamao to handle and all our clients get the same level of excellent, unparalleled service.

Our Philosophy

Project2We are committed to delivering at expected deadlines and to even exceed the expectations of our clients. We take particular pride in our ability to go the extra mile in ensuring customer safety and customer satisfaction.

Our People

We have a team of highly skilled individuals who were not only chosen based on their expertise, but also on their passion for this industry. Our team has a great attitude and thus seek to complete all projects timeously and effectively.

Our Services

Projects4We specialise in mobile crane and truck mounted crane hire. We have broadened our offering from just crane hire, to encompass small plant and equipment hire in order to support the infrastructure construction and related industries. We have structured our company in two divisions; short and long term hire. We outsource cranes for commercial, industrial and private use.

Our machines are well maintained and kept. We routinely conduct maintenance assessments to ensure that all our equipment is in good working condition and compliant with industry regulations.

If you are in the market for quality crane truck hire, look no further than Tsamao Crane Hire.

Our Specialisation

purspecOur company is structured in two divisions, being. We specialize in short and long-term hire, heavy lifting and
outsourcing of our cranes, for commercial, industrial and private use. Our team of highly qualified, certified and experienced professionals ensures that every lift is conducted safely, on time and cost effectively

We have regular maintenance plans and our machines are kept in good working condition. These machines are tested regularly to ensure that they comply with all safety regulations.

Our Clients






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