The History of Cranes

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When we take time to look into history and ponder on how much the industry has developed over the past years, and how long it took for those developments to come into play, we are then able to make well informed trend forecasts and predictions to help us where our industry is going.

So with no further ado, let’s take a trip back into time and see where cranes originated from and how they have contributed to the construction industry. In ancient Greece, cranes were used widely. This was because any Greek temples have stones have stones with wholes, giving us the impression that they were build using cranes or a similar lifting devices to lift the heavy stones.

However, the Romans were the ones who invested a great deal in the development of the crane, they are known and celebrated for their amazing construction efforts. They created different variations of cranes, ranging from tripastos and even the treadmill crane. When we look at this we see the great potential of the Roman crane designers. The treadmill crane continued to be the spine of the construction industry, along with manual items such as wheelbarrows and ladders.

Today we use massive cranes that are capable of lifting huge loads for construction projects. We also have mobile cranes that are great for complex maneuvering of freight load containers. For professional crane hire services, contact us today and make a booking for a well maintained and efficient crane to help you complete your next construction project.


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